I love making a real difference. 

I help owners like you build your business. I’ve done this for over 10 years and I’d love to help you too.


My passion for business started at the age of 9, back when the school courtyards were littered with kids playing marbles, who would've played all day if they could've.


Kids being kids, they had a tendency to misplace their prized marbles that they had battled so hard to win...

The cost of losing/misplacing a marble was one to two week's worth of pocket money, that's a lot of housework! Needless to say, when I created affordable hand-stitched marble bags to reduce the number of vanishing marbles, they were an instant hit.


As demand was heating up, production efficiencies were required; I utilised the school sewing machine to quadruple my output. Word soon got around (there were even orders from kids at other schools!) and money was coming through quicker than I could spend it on 20c bags of lollies at the dairy. School was a very lucrative time for me. Once the marble craze had quietened down, I made and sold bracelets.


A fair few marble bags, lollies and bracelets later, I studied Marketing Communications and Genetics at Massey University in Palmerston North. Since then, I have worked in Australia, Canada and New Zealand helping brands (both products and services) to grow and build armies of loyal followers through integrating marketing as part of the design process. 

I thoroughly enjoy exploring and implementing ideas on how to improve the communities around me and supporting organisations and projects I care about. When I’m not working, I am usually playing futsal or football/soccer, spending time with friends and family, or attempting to surf... And travelling whenever I can.


I’m living a life of passion, taking pleasure in the small things and most importantly, connecting with others. I love meeting new people and learning new things, so please feel free to say hello.

Some of my previous experience. See LinkedIn for more information.


Don't be shy, say hi!​

​Amber Kuys-Clarke

Mobile: +64 27 933 4847

Email: info@facingnorth.co

Auckland, New Zealand​

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